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Who is Renaissance Ag?

Renaissance Ag is a global agriculture company that provides sustainable solutions to the feed supply chain, facilitates nutrient recycling of livestock farming, and promotes the marketing of livestock products.

The company was established in 2020. We are headquartered in Vineyard, Utah, USA.


"Renaissance Ag strives to serve as a foundational production partner to small and medium-scale livestock producers of the world."

- Caleb Wilkins, CEO, Renaissance Ag


What is Renaissance Ag's Mission?

Renaissance Ag focuses on establishing local food security by strengthening local small- and medium-scale livestock producers. The company will connect local farmers to the supply chain in a more sustainable manner by providing technology to produce feed at a lower cost and recycling animal waste locally.

Renaissance Ag will enable livestock producers to capture more of the margins that have been historically taken from them and empower consumers to source local products more reliably. Renaissance Ag will form partnerships with all who are interested in producing agricultural products more sustainably.


How is Renaissance Ag a Foundational Partner?

Renaissance Ag partners with small and mid-size livestock producers by providing the following services:

1. Onsite autonomous systems to produce premium livestock feed (hydroponically sprouted microgreens) and recycle animal waste.

2. Service and maintenance of Renaissance Ag's automated machines.

3. Direction and support for local producers implementing automated systems to produce feed and recycle animal waste.

4. Guidance on diets, precision feeding, and recycling animal waste


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