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Who is Renaissance Ag?

Based in Utah and partnered with livestock producers throughout the world, Renaissance Ag is the leading provider of vertical farm systems for year-round production of premium livestock feed. We provide sustainable feed solutions to livestock producers, facilitate the upcycling of livestock waste and partner with leading universities to research the benefits of hydroponic sprouts.

Renaissance Ag is committed to empowering producers and consumers to local food security by shortening and optimizing livestock feed production.


"Renaissance Ag serves as a foundational production partner to livestock producers around the world."

- Caleb Wilkins, CEO, Renaissance Ag


What is Renaissance Ag's Mission?

Renaissance Ag focuses on establishing food security by strengthening local livestock producers. We are transforming the feed supply chain by providing vertical farming technology that produces premium livestock feed.

Renaissance Ag enables livestock producers to secure profit margins, in turn empowering consumers to reliably source local products. We will form partnerships with all who are interested in producing agricultural products more sustainably.


How is Renaissance Ag a Foundational Partner?

Renaissance Ag partners with livestock producers by providing the following services:

1. Onsite autonomous systems to produce premium livestock feed (hydroponically sprouted microgreens) and recycle animal waste.

2. Service and maintenance of Renaissance Ag's automated machines.

3. Direction and support for local producers implementing automated systems to produce feed and recycle animal waste.

4. Guidance on diets, precision feeding, and recycling animal waste


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